CBD Oil For Dogs

My name is Gonzo and I am a 17 year old Yorkshire terrier. Last year, I started to feel unwell, and my mum took me to the vet. I had a hard time digesting my food and felt tired all of the time. That is not really like me as I like to enjoy long walks and to play in the garden.

Anyway, it was discovered that I suffered from raised liver enzymes. It is a condition which is very common in older dogs, and eating grass will not help at all. When my mum took me to the vet, I was losing weight very quickly. Instead of being my respectable 4,5 kilos, I was down to 3 kilos. I like to keep my coat pretty short, so you could easily feel my rib case.

The nice veterinarian put me on medication, but it did not really agree with me. Instead of helping me, it was making me worse and I did not want to eat at all. It also upset my stomach which is not good at all as I already suffer from a condition known as colitis. To cut a long story short, my mum decided to try an alternative herbal medication as I had responded well to alternatives in the past.

Instead of giving me the normal medication, my mum put me on milk thistle and something called CBD oil. It works by reducing inflammation in the liver, and the milk thistle helps you to digest your food. My mum also changed my diet, and I am now eating chicken and sweet potatoes. I am allowed to have a little bit of normal dog food called Cesar as chicken and sweet potatoes can get boring.

My liver is working much better now and I am back to being my normal self. I go for a long walk in the morning, and a couple of shorter ones. Sleeping in the sunshine also helps a lot, and I would recommend that you also do not give up on those dental sticks – they are a nice little treat.  Did you know that canine dental disease can cause liver disease? That is why my mum has always brushed my teeth and given me dental sticks for small dogs.

If you want to know more about how to look after your old dog, and doggie liver disease, you can contact me, and I will tell you all about it.

cbd oil for dogs