CBD Oil Benefits

As we learn more about the benefits of CBD oil on health, the more fascinating this natural herbal remedy becomes. Extracted from the male flowers of the Cannabis Sativa plant, it does not have any of the narcotic effects of its counterpart THC. They are two different cannabinoids.  THC causes a narcotic effect while CBD has no narcotic side effects at all.

Who Should Use CBD Oil Benefits To Improve Their Health?

Maybe we should ask ourselves who should not use CBD oil instead. At the moment, various cold water fish oils such as salmon oil, are very much in vogue. They are used to treat conditions ranging from ADHD to skin disease. Of course, they are effective, but CBD oil is the perfect alternative to fish oils. If you suffer from allergies to seafood, or maybe even from acid reflux, you may find that CBD oil is the perfect alternative to fish oils.

CBD oil may cost a little bit more to invest in, but at the same time, it is a much better quality oil. Fish oils have the risk of carrying pollutants such as mercury. Quality CBD oil is always extracted from plants grown under laboratory conditions. This is the main reason why you should consider adding CBD oil to your supplement and healthy living routine. The best way to buy CBD oil is to buy CBD online. You will that the quality of the product is often better, and at the same time, it is always cheaper to buy CBD  oil online. Continue Reading ...

CBD Oil For Dogs

My name is Gonzo and I am a 17 year old Yorkshire terrier. Last year, I started to feel unwell, and my mum took me to the vet. I had a hard time digesting my food and felt tired all of the time. That is not really like me as I like to enjoy long walks and to play in the garden.

Anyway, it was discovered that I suffered from raised liver enzymes. It is a condition which is very common in older dogs, and eating grass will not help at all. When my mum took me to the vet, I was losing weight very quickly. Instead of being my respectable 4,5 kilos, I was down to 3 kilos. I like to keep my coat pretty short, so you could easily feel my rib case.

The nice veterinarian put me on medication, but it did not really agree with me. Instead of helping me, it was making me worse and I did not want to eat at all. It also upset my stomach which is not good at all as I already suffer from a condition known as colitis. To cut a long story short, my mum decided to try an alternative herbal medication as I had responded well to alternatives in the past. Continue Reading ...